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Hi! I'm Ely, welcome to my landing page!

A fair warning first

This page is intended as a front gate (as it's name imply) to a lot of others stuff. Most of them might not be hosted on Neocities in the futur and some of those are not suitable for minors. (But since i cannot really check your age, and let's be frank, the "are you over 18" is more of a dare than anything else, you can pursue on those at your own perils. I cannot be held responsible for whatever you may find offensive etc..)

This page is presented almost like a FAQ, just click on the little arrow to drop down a category

About me

I'm a somewhat cheerful, sometime gloomy, person. I have tons of desire that I hope to show to the world, one way or another. I'm from France. So pardon me sometime if my english isn't the best^^. I will try to make my site at least billingual (just because, well, Neocities is more of an english speaker community). I have tons of project and ideas I want to share and sometime I wish I had constructive feedback from people, hence this site. If I can make a commentary system that is^^.

Other than that, this page and all the others are a deep reflection of what I would want to see in this world. Sometime a little political, mostly daydream of another form of society. I have some problem with how the world work, but paradoxaly enjoy some freedom thanks to it. I'm a mess of duality.

I'm attracted to a lot of things, I love to learn new stuff! Tinkering with computer is something that come a lot. Science is a passion as well as writting. Worldbuilding is probably one of my biggest characteristic and it define a great deal of my life. Efficiency is also a recuring theme in my mind, even though I'm not really efficient myself. I am an ASMR enjoyer.

I'm somewhat of a kinky person, so be prepared for some spicy pages.

About this website

As said in my own presentation, this site is just a small entrance, not a home page. It will lead to one, once it's done. So it's basicaly a sample of what you might find on my homepage and the others one. I'll put some stuff already made, like writing I did (worldbuilding), exemple of project and such.

Since it's mostly in construction, it will change in it's appearance, actualy, there may be no cohesive design because of all the things I'd like to show. Some of which would desserve their own style. For now, i'm mostly trying to create webpage without script, through it might change, I want clean, light page with only inline style and maybe one or two small script if needed.I might end up making multiple version of my pages...because i want...i can. They will be indicated on the top of the page.

Furthermore, I aim, on one of my project, to really create small page targeted at older machine or small screen therefore, you might see on some page stats concerning their size, their content and lighthouse test (a performance and SEO tool from evil Google).

This and all the others website are...somewhat of a big deal to me as I will put emotions and dreams in them. I do not expect everyone or anyone to understand what I say on them. But at least, be nice. Some stuff might seems weird and that is normal just don't be offended. If you are, please leave the site. As i may also talk about spicy topics (hello bdsm) it is advised to you to leave those too if you feel unconfortable. Any part that i would deem dangerous will be mark with a "+18" you'll be warned.

As of now, I like the idea of a gentle theme. I imagine laguna or quiet beach with clear water (hence the Cyan/Teal color) and my page body suroundered by sand (the border and shadow) later, I'll probably make it a little better than that. But it will have to do for now. Prepare for pinkinsh theme too!

Some things I work on

Here you may find some elements of project I'm working on, some are stuff I already made and can show.

And so many other stuff.

All in all, I hope the page is readable without too much eye pain^^, still working on a theme. Here is a little update/microblog page

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